For whom?

Communication agencies
Publishing companies

What for?


Academic work

Scientific work



Communication material (releases, presentations, brochures, leaflets, articles, etc.)

Scientific and extension texts [...]

Added value

High-quality texts for maximum impact

Clear and adaptable solutions

All-included quotes

Flawless quality

Publishable manuscripts

Meticulous writing

Fluid style

Two pairs of eyes are better than one

Before submitting an academic or professional text, you need an in-depth review to make it flawless cosmetically, aesthetically and/or structurally.

You need someone to edit your draft before publishing it or submitting it to publishers.

You have written a text in French, but it is not your first language.

Tip of the Tongue offers three solutions:

·        Cosmetic editing

·        Aesthetic editing

·        Structural editing

Cosmetic editing

Need an eagle eye to detect all spelling mistakes and other errors in your text?

At Tip of the Tongue, we will review it carefully and correct every single spelling, grammar and syntax inaccuracy.

We will groom an already beautifully written text to make it perfect.

How much will it cost?

€7.5 by 250-word page

Aesthetic editing

Your text needs to be edited before being published.

Not only do we wipe out any spelling, syntax and grammar impurities in your text, but we also polish it and enhance its natural beauty.

How much will it cost?

10 by 250-word page

Structural editing

Need a helping hand to transform your first draft into a proper text?

At Tip of the Tongue, we will redraft it in depth.

How much will it cost?

€15 by 250-word page