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Bank Bank

No Bank Holiday Blues for me, thank you very much. Today is off in Belgium. Like a lot of (single) parents, I'm working with my children home. No long weekend for me: I have work to do and my clients won't wait. Actually I've already worked a few hours on Satuday and Sunday, while my son watched his morning cartoons.

Working over bank holidays with my kids around is not a big deal for me. I've been doing it since 2008. When there's no work to be done, I rest. When there's work, I just do it. It doesn't matter if school's off or if we are away on holiday. I manage my days around my job and my kids 365 days a year.

As for my kids, they get around just fine. I'm not pretending to be the parent of the year with them: I just do my best to feed them, take care of them, entertain them and raise them the best I can.

They're used to seeing their mom work with her laptop on her lap, just like I was used to having a dad and a mom working full time from home growing up, weekends, bank holidays and all.

Don't "poor you" me: I totally manage to do it and have it all. Day trips, dance classes, yoga retreats, vacations, doctor's appointments, hairdresser, trainings, dance shows, school parties, cocktails with my girlfriends, hot dates sometimes, family parties, rest days, afternoon naps...

It's just a matter of being organised and accepting to work evenings, early mornings, weekends... and bank holidays.

I'm not saying it's better or worse than any other way of working. I'm not saying it's the best balance between family and work life.

But I'm here for my kids, my business AND myself. I'm an involved parent and an entrepreneur. A mom of a 3 and a 15 year-old. A dancing mom and a driver for my teenager. An experienced translator and a coach in training. A writer and a yoga practicioner. A single mom who loves to travel always and party sometimes.

So today is a bank holiday in Belgium, but not for me.

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