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Couch potato

I've been working from my couch for the past week, as sitting on a chair for longer than 30 minutes is torture to my back right now.

Healing takes time and patience, but clients can't wait for me to be able to sit my ass at my desk.

So I bring my desk with me to wherever I feel comfortable enough to carry on with my assignments, my admin and my marketing without ending the day lying on the floor praying the goddess of fierceness to make my 42-year old (almost 43 😳) body even more resilient so my spine can stop rebelling like my teenage daughter.

Freelancing means taking the work when it comes. Of course, some of us have the luxury to pick and choose the projects they take on. I'm not really one of them, as I'm not only my own boss, but also the only provider in my household.

However, this doesn't mean I work for anyone, anytime, anywhere and even less for peanuts.

It means that I have a loyal client base of long-term collaborations. And when they call on me, I'm there for them, whatever the state of my rebellious spine.

Having great volumes of one-shot projects works for a while. But to survive over time as a freelance content provider, you need to build strong bonds with regular clients.

And they need to be your priority.

So today I'll work from my couch. Happy to be able to earn a living doing what people have always said I was quite good at: using my quill (well, my keyboard but the quill is more picturesque) to tell stories and explain to an audience what's important to people... in my own language (French) as well as from other tongues (English and Spanish) I've been eager and quick to learn since my early teenage years.

Isn't it great to actually be doing what I like... from my couch?

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