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Fighting exhaustion: the power of napping

Winter has come and it's brutal.

It seems that everyone's sick, tired, burnt out or depressed. Or trying to get to the end of dry January after getting to the bottom of every bottle last month (who'd have thought I'd quote Nickelback someday?).

In my house, we're just trying to do our best.

But most importantly, when I'm tired, I just sleep. After dropping my youngest at school. When he's napping. When there's no deadline in sight. I just lie down on my couch and doze off for one, two, or three hours.

I do everything I can to fight off winter morosity.

I learned to just f**k it all and nap when I was pregnant 4 years ago. Solo pregnancy at 39 with hypertension and gravitic diabetes and an 11-year-old pre-pro dancer to take care of was a bit of a physical tour de force.

So I did two things:

- I kept taking my badass dance and yoga classes as long as I could to stay active.

- I slept. A lot. A lot a lot.

In short, I did what most women never learn to do: I took care of myself first.

That's what they teach you when you take a plane somewhere: to put your own mask first.

So this year, that's what I'm doing, too: taking care of myself, physically and mentally. Because there's no one else around to take care of me. And not in a twisted injunctive way. I just do what I feel I need to do for myself.

And if it includes napping the hell out of this gloomy winter, so be it.

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