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Good freelance behaviour

I try and get dressed properly when I'm working.

Actually, it's not true: I try and dress properly to walk my son to school, then go back home, take off my bra, put on an ugly sweater and get to work.

When I don't have to go out or meet clients remotely, I wear old dance clothes with no bra, no make-up, my glasses and oversized jumpers.

One of the main perks of working from home is the freedom to do your job dressed as an actual 90s grunge teenager, with no consideration whatsoever for what's professional or proper.

I work from a desk, from my couch, from my living room table, from my bed...

I've worked from hotel rooms, parks, pools, trains, airports, stations, planes.

I've worked from my car and countless danceschool cafeterias waiting for my daughter to finish her many dance classes.

I reply to my professional emails anywhere and everywhere. Anytime, too.

We're told we have to find balance between our pro and private lives. We're told we should prioritise, work fixed hours, unplug, make time for our families from 5 pm until 9 am the next day.

We're told we shouldn't work over the weekends and during our holidays.

We're told we should dress the part in the morning even though we're working from home with a sick baby breastfed on the lap and a quarantined teenager in the next room while trying to finalise that 10k word translation by the end of the day.

I say screw all of that.

I'm my own boss. I'll do what I bloody want.

And that, people, is the only real perk of being a freelancer. It should therefore be fully taken advantage of.

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