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Men who pretend you're just not there on social media.

Recently, I commented on a thread on LinkedIn about ChatGPT.

Then another man commented just after me in a trolly manner, very characteristic of men on social media, like "I'm right, you're stupid".

I replied to his comment, but then it was as if I was not even there anymore.

Suddenly, that guy and another one started arguing with each other, totally ignoring the other female protagonists, including me.

After posting one or two comments which were like trying to make a point alone in a desert, I gave up.

You know, it's like the million times when you've tried to take part in a discussion among men about politics, history, science, football or even period, giving birth or painting your nails, only to be silenced by a bunch of guys aiming at each other, not even noticing you're there at all, desperately trying to make yourself heard.

Why is it that men always seem to take women out of the equation every time they engage in a "serious" discussion about "important" subjects? Well, about anything at all really. Leaving only the short condescending, patronising and mansplaining "Go back to the kitchen or bring us beer, Suzan" comments for the very few women who still bother trying to communicate with them.

It's infuriating, because most of the time, what they say or write is not that smart either.

Especially on tech and content creation subjects on social media.

(And football and period either, now that I think of it... 🙄)

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