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My kids will always come first

Dernière mise à jour : 28 août 2022

After careful consideration, I decided to postpone my second year of formal coaching training to 2023-2024.

The thing is, the training costs more than €3000 a year and I'm a single mum with two kids making ends meet only on my freelancer's salary.

This means two things:

🖋I need to be making as much money as I can all the time and it's difficult to dedicate part of my working time to training.

🖋I need to learn that I can't have it all, or at least not all at once.

This year, after being stuck home with the kids during my risky pregnancy, then after my son's birth, and during this 🤬 pandemic, I promised them we would start moving around again. So here we are, away from Brussels for 4 weeks, then on a road trip to Marocco in October.

You might think me training to get new skills is more important than us travelling around as a family or me paying my daughter 15 hours of dance classes a week.

You might be right.

However, in my book, my kids always come first. My daughter is 15, she wants to become a professional dancer (and she might actually succeed) and she won't want to travel with her old mother for much longer. My son is 3 and had almost never gotten out of the house until a year ago, let alone gone to another country.

It doesn't mean I have to give up on anything, though.

Just that I'm a bit slower in achieving everything I want to achieve.

I'm both an early and late bloomer. A family woman and a womanpreneur. An audacious and a reasonable person. So this year will be dedicated to practising my coaching skills, getting pro-bono clients and then real ones, and taking a few short masterclasses, like this first-level neurolinguistic programming training I've been wanting to take for some time.

Next year, I will resume the proper formal training in general coaching and school coaching.

Let's be sensible, but not devoid of ambition.

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