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  • Photo du rédacteurValérie Gillet

Not giving up.

My dance show was last month. I managed to rehearse and dance 4x4 7-minute long choreographies on stage in a day.

Needless to say, my body said no from start to finish and I told my body to bear with me.

I've always been a big complainer and not a very sports-addicted kind of girl. I suck at almost all sports except dancing, swimming, yoga and maybe skiing and table tennis. 😅

But when I set my mind to something, I usually hang on, even if it takes me 10 years and numerous breaks to get it done.

So now I'm asking myself when I am going to get that novel started at long last and how I am going to add paid coaching to my services by the end of this year. 😂

Not in ten years, you big procrastinator you, I keep telling myself... 🙄

What's your next achievement, big or small, and do you plan on being coached to reach it?


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