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There: I've said it

Dernière mise à jour : 5 oct. 2022

The most unnerving post trend right now.

People who start with something like "I don't like chocolate", "I am left-handed", "I shower in the evening" or "Mean people make me nervous"...

... and deliver a "There: I've said it" as if they'd just confessed to being BDSM aficionados, practising polygamy or smoking crack with their kids.

Come on people, you don't need to be provocative or stir controversy if you're just conventional at heart.

Nothing wrong with being average regular people doing average regular jobs and living average regular lives.

A bit boring if you ask me, but not wrong.

What I find sad, however, is to try and be someone you aren't or to make something big out of unimportant trivial details to get attention, such as pouring your milk before your cereals or letting your kids watch cartoons while you're working.

We live in a world where there's a playbook for everything: living, parenting, working, making love, writing LinkedIn posts, and even rebelling.

Life is full of unimportant but charming little events and habits we all have. They make us charming little people. Usually gregarious and conformist charming little people, but we can't all be special.

What they don't make us however, is rebels.

There: I've said it.

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