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Work hard, live harder

Two weeks ago, I put my out-of-office on for the first time since 2012.

Of course, I ended up replying to all my emails as I received them anyway, but the sheer decision of spending two weeks travelling with my kids without working was not an easy one to take. When you've been developing your business for over 12 years with some success, there's always work to be done, clients to satisfy and money to be made.

However, this can lead to a "hamster running on a wheel" spiral, which can hinder the quality of your work and the further development of your activities.

So I decided to take a real break while travelling around Marocco with my two children. This included not posting anything, work-related or otherwise, on LinkedIn.

This might have cost me my skint readership and followership, which is not particularly good news for my future endeavours, as they mainly concern what I intend to do both in the near future and the longer term both as a writer and a coach.

I'm now back at my desk and ready for new adventures. I've had plenty of time to think about what I want to do next as a content and service provider. Vacations are good that way: they allow you to take a breather and gain some perspective.

Pity freelance single mums only get to take them properly once every ten years...

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