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For whom?



Freelancers and entrepreneurs

Teenagers and young adults


Young female entrepreneurs

Company owners (SMEs or bigger companies)

Single parents

Young and new moms

What for?

Life coaching at every step

Career change
New freelance activity

School coaching (12 years old and over)

Outscaling and upscaling

Life and work decisions


Stress management


Relationship with body

Interpersonal relationships

Career path

Life-work balance

Added value

Finding your own resources
Finding answers by asking the right questions

Customised follow-up

Life and/or work support

Short- and mid-term efficient help

Customised packages

Traditional or more imaginative methods

Cahiers colorés

Life and work coaching

What is it?

At every step of their career and personal life, one can find it useful to have someone who listens and supports them to help them find within themselves the resources to manage life's twists and turns. ​

Coaching provides empowering support to:

  • face change with more serenity

  • face crisis situations with resilience

  • make difficult decisions

  • prepare for future milestones

Coaching can be a framework at every step of the way, such as:

  • working, making career changes and managing stress and burn-out

  • committing and facing life's milestones such as marriage, birth, divorce, death or grief

  • launching a company or a side activity

  • choosing the right studies and managing your school and academic workload better.

  • finding work-life balance

  • putting in place healthier and more peaceful ways of living​


Because I am trained as a work, life and school coach at the Centre pour la formation et l'intervention psychosociologique, I can support you in all your decisions, at every step of your private life, your studies and your career.

In particular, I can accompany you through all your studies and your career changes, for instance as a young freelancer launching your business, or if you are a single parent, a new mum trying to adapt to your new life or an overstretched mum struggling to juggle everyday life.

How does it work?

​You will find all the necessary information on my coaching website Valérie Gillet - Accompagnement bienveillant (the website is in French, but I speak and coach in English, too). I offer a free 30-minute discovery call to each new client. 

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