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For whom?

Language professionals
Content creators


What for?

Customised training

Complete packages

In person or remote training

Added value

Playful learning

Hands-on progress

Efficient support

Close follow-up

Active guidance


Training for language professionals and content creators

What is it ?

I offer young language professionals and content creators who want to master languages and write better:

  • practical and hands-on training packages

  • writing and transcreation workshops, to refine your skills and use your quill more proficiently

  • guidance and feedback on your writing and transcration work


I am a translator and a copywriter with more than 15 years of experience in communication, writing and translation. I can help you become a better professional linguist and writer.

How does it work?

We organise training and working cycles and workshops on specific subjects or on more general issues.

We assign practical work to you. You deliver your work within a given deadline.

We overview and debrief you work and follow your progress step by step.


Contact us for a free quote.

Students and young professionals, as well as single mums, get special rates.

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