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School coaching

For whom?

Students aged 12 to 25


Young adults

What for?

Short- and mid-term support

Homework and study management

School and work guidance

Transitions between grade levels

Added value

Efficient support

Working in autonomy

Finding empowerment

Learning how to learn

Achieving realistic goals

Taking your future into your hands

Finding the right path for you

Finding within yourself the resources to succeed

Learning how to learn

Teenagers and young adults face many obstacles and pitfalls in their academic path: problems at school, work method, learning difficulties, choosing the right studies, stumbling blocks and reluctance, discouragement, bullying...

School coaching is a limited-time hands-on support aiming to help students from 12 years old to manage better the issues they face at school and to find their way. ​It provides them with a tutoring framework that allows them to develop their own tools to succeed.​

Ultimately, school coaching aims for young people to achieve complete autonomy through a customised approach. They adapt the way they see school to what they aspire to, on a short-, mid- and long-term basis.


Because I am trained as a school coach at the Centre pour la formation et l'intervention psychosociologiques, I can help teenagers and young adults who need better empowerment and direction, as well as a more efficient way of learning.​

As the mother of a teenager juggling since her childhood between school and high-level dancing. I have had to change my way of parenting and accompanying her at school and in her life.

I am passionate about issues such as academic orientation, empowerment and responsibility in young people. My own story has shown me that by providing young people with a realistic framework for empowerment, we help them find their own keys to success both at school and at home (especially with their parents).

How does it work?

I provide short- and mid-term help through 1-1.5 h sessions, in person or remotely.

During those sessions, we work on one or more specific issues, mostly transdisciplinary questions related to learning (method, organisation, stress management, learning difficulties, conflicts, life in class or at home, bullying, extracurricular activities, etc.).

Young people come to me alone, without their parents. They decide what they want to work on and they find the resources they need to make progress towards their goals, and ultimately achieve them.

Students and young professionals, as well as single mums, get special rates.

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