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(Never) Finding balance

Balance is a tricky business.

One day you're as busy and happy as ever, gladly juggling your freelance job, your family life, your many social activities, your training, your private life and your ambitious expectations.

The next you're overwhelmed by it all, wishing you could just crawl under your covers and just sleep all day.

And when quieter days finally come, you're terrified it will get too quiet for too long.

It's not that we're never satisfied with what we have. It's just that modern life is always either too much or too little, and we keep bouncing back and forth between those too high highs and too low lows.

Don't get it wrong: balance is a tricky business. Not because we're unable to strike it, but because it's become so elusive nowadays it's actually impossible to be struck.

So take it easy and be kind to yourself.

Surf on the highs, revel in the lows.

And try not to let modern life overpower you.

Maybe that's as close to a balanced life as you can actually get.

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